Anjani Bhargava

Executive Coach

As an organizational psychologist, Anjani Bhargava has spent the last 15 years working with CEO’s and their management teams, fostering the needed culture and leadership skills to execute on their given strategies.

In coaching leaders, she works with people who are serious about their growth and want to transform from operators into culture carriers. She goes beneath the surface to effect long-term shifts in mindsets and behaviors. In her work, she blends a strong business orientation and organizational development skills with the deep “human” work of leadership.

Anjani has over 20 years in the industry, as an operator and an advisor, having worked in key leadership roles at Motorola, Pepsi and Lenovo. More recently she was also the Chief HR Officer for Topco and Chief Talent and Organization Development Officer for Abundant Venture Partners. She has worked with leaders across organizations of varying sizes and industries, including earlier stage, PE-backed as well as public companies. She also sits on the boards of several early-stage companies, and is an active investor.

Anjani graduated from the University of California, Riverside with her degree in Psychology and did her graduate studies towards a PhD in Organizational Psychology at Northern Illinois University. Given her broad experience base as a Fortune 100 leader, founder, investor and board member, she understands the complexities leaders face working with their key stakeholders to achieve critical business results.