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Blake Street Group Timelines


We pride ourselves on client commitment and service, and we are in constant communication to ensure smooth processes and thorough understanding. We also communicate key findings of our work to candidates and executives when appropriate, and conduct debriefs and strategy sessions to convey our insights optimally.


We deliver data-rich, actionable reports that empower effective decision-making. In addition to data and insight, our reports outline detailed recommendations and strategies, with the ultimate goal of setting executives and teams up for success.


Data and insights that have been collected are analyzed and mapped to the success frameworks previously developed. On occasion, analyses are complemented with the appropriate work/management style tools. In essence, BSG combines diligent work with the expertise of the firm’s principals along with pattern recognition to identify critical underlying factors.

Gather Data

We conduct structured interview processes to gather data and insight on the individual or organization in order to identify key strength areas and potential risks. We complement that process with reference calls and 360 insight.


The first step is to understand and define the client needs and objectives. For an executive or organizational assessment to be effective, a deep understanding of the clients’ business and organization is essential, as is an accurate framework for what success looks like. We develop role-specific scorecards outlining accountabilities, deliverables, and behaviors necessary for success… Read more »